CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – While gas services have been restored for some residents on Charleston’s West Side, others are still bracing the cold among other issues.

“Not being able to wash our dishes, take a shower. At night time it’s getting really cold. We’re in an old house with wooden floors; it’s freezing. It’s really terrible,” said Skyler Styles, West Side resident. “We freeze we just wrap up and try to stay warm.”

One of the families who spoke with 13 News said they only have one space heater for the five of them. Their young son is already sick, so they’re worried the cold will make it worse.

In addition to finding ways to stay warm at night, they also have to boil water to take showers, wash dishes and they can’t do laundry.

“Some rooms are really really cold. My stepdaughter’s room, it gets really cold, so we make sure she has one [space heater] whenever she’s here,” said William Broady, West Side resident. “Luckily my dad has an electric furnace so we’ve been going over there to take showers. So, it hasn’t been terrible, but it’s definitely an inconvenience.”

While many people are still trying to make do until services are restored, residents said they’re grateful for everyone who’s stepped up to help in their time of need by donating food, blankets, paper products and space heaters.

Information on where to find resources for those affected by the gas outage can be found here.