CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – A family living in a townhouse in Vista View Apartments says they have not had working air conditioning since the summer of 2022.

Ivy Turley is a mother living with her brother, fiancée, and four children. She says her central air conditioning broke shortly after she moved into Vista View last spring, and has not been repaired since.

She added that in her lease agreement with Vista View, it is prohibited to install a window unit.

According to Turley, their apartment can drop down to 76 degrees on a cooler day. On a bad day, it can climb as high as 90 degrees inside.

Turley says maintenance workers have visited three times in the last year to try to repair the central air, to no avail. Vista View management – based in Highland Park, Illinois – says that all HVAC work orders that are submitted by tenants are being addressed by Vista View’s technicians.

For Turley, the heat is the most straining on the kids.

“If they stay in here too long, they can’t take a nap upstairs because it’s too hot and they’ll start puking,” Turley said. “There’s times we have to clean up their entire bedroom because he pukes from the heat.”

Earlier this year, 13 News investigated Vista View Apartments when tenants reported that they did not have working hot water for four months.