CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A former Charleston police officer who claimed she had sex with former Police Chief Tyke Hunt during working hours inside police headquarters filed a formal complaint with the city on Monday.

Lt. Tony Hazelett with the Charleston Police Department told 13 News they received the complaint from Chelsea McCoy on Monday and the Professional Standards Division (PSD) will investigate. Another woman who came forward with allegations, Jenny Harless, filed a complaint with the West Virginia State Police.

McCoy told the “Scoop Squad” podcast about how former Chief James “Tyke” Hunt falsified polygraph results to help her get hired. The allegations were discussed at the Charleston City Council meeting Monday night.

McCoy, who applied to be an officer in 2018, said on the podcast that she had been worried about passing the polygraph exam due to her past drug use. She told Hunt about her concerns but did not mention the drugs. She said Hunt reassured her that she would pass.

McCoy said she lied during the polygraph but was told by Hunt that she passed.

After the exam, McCoy said, she and Hunt had sex in the polygraph examination room.

Her time on the force was short-lived. According to court documents, McCoy and another person got into a fight at a party in St. Albans on Jan. 23, 2019. McCoy said she was acting in self-defense, but in February she was charged with battery and resigned from CPD.

McCoy rejoined the force a year later, and once again was subjected to a polygraph exam. McCoy said she lied on the exam but passed anyway.

During her second stint on the force, McCoy claims that Hunt, who was now the chief of police, showed an interest in her and eventually they had sex in his office.

McCoy eventually resigned a second time.

McCoy is the second woman to accuse Hunt of misconduct inside police headquarters. Jenny Harless also told the “Scoop Squad” that Hunt tried to have sex with her inside his office, at one point taking off all his clothes except for an undershirt.

Hunt sent a memo to city council members apologizing for what he called “misuse of city property” and poor judgment.

Hunt resigned on Aug. 18 citing personal and medical reasons. In his resignation letter, he said he is having back surgery and after his recovery, he will return as a lieutenant.

Mayor Amy Goodwin said Deputy Chief Scott Dempsey will serve as interim chief of police.

On Monday night, Goodwin said the city had not received a formal complaint from McCoy.

City Council voted down a proposal two weeks ago to have an outside investigation into another incident where Hunt had an encounter with a woman inside his city office, for which he was suspended and has apologized.

City councilmember Shannon Snodgrass Monday night is again calling for a professional standards investigation into the accusations involving Hunt. That’s something she says was not done last summer when Hunt was suspended for three days after an investigation by the Mayor’s office.

She also believes the information regarding polygraph tests that he’s done needs to be turned over for further investigation.

“Half of this stuff would not have occurred if the mayor had referred this to professional standards the very first complaint. And it’s beyond me that we’re still talking about this 15 months after the occurrence but thank goodness because not there’s been yet another who happens to be an ex-female police officer who had nothing in this except she wants to right the wrong,” Snodgrass said in an interview following the council meeting.

“We have not received any allegation at all here in the city of Charleston. If an allegation is brought to us, we absolutely will investigate it,” Mayor Goodwin also said after the meeting. A formal complaint has since been filed.

Councilmember Jeanine Faegre said that while she does not condone the alleged behavior perhaps the matters needed to be discussed in an executive session given their nature.

Faegre also added that in her research she found that at one time Hunt lobbied for polygraph exams to be recorded.

13 News did reach out to Hunt Monday night for a comment on the allegation. We will update this story when we hear back.