CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Former Charleston Mayor Danny Jones called for former Charleston Police Chief James “Tyke” Hunt’s resignation Thursday morning following sexual misconduct allegations coming to light.

Jones, who swore Hunt in when he joined the force, said he lied to him and everyone he is involved with.

“He’s lied; he lied to me personally. He has betrayed everybody he’s involved with including the council, mayor, public and other police officers,” Former Mayor Jones said. “It’s time to go. He shouldn’t return as anything. He needs to disappear.”

Hunt stepped down as the city’s chief of police on Friday after two women had previously come forward alleging sexual misconduct. He is expected to come back as a lieutenant.

He said in an apology letter to the council that he “misused city property,” and was suspended without pay for three days in June 2022. Hunt was not specific about what property he misused. This was after a woman named Jenny Harless complained to city officials that Hunt had used his official position to launch an FBI investigation involving her. This was first discussed on the “Scoop Squad” podcast.

Former CPD Officer Chelsea McCoy on the same podcast Monday is alleging that she was pressured into having sex by then-Sgt. Tyke Hunt during her application process. She also alleges that she failed her polygraph test to be certified into the police force, but Hunt passed her anyway. Both women have now filed formal complaints.

“I would’ve pulled him into my office and said, ‘Tyke, you’re being reverted. You’re going back to being in the ranks,” if he had been my police chief,” Jones said.

13 News has reached out to current Charleston Mayor Amy Goodwin’s office for comment. They said they cannot comment at this time due to the ongoing investigation.