SOUTH CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—High winds have caused severe damage to City Hall in South Charleston.

Photos from the South Charleston Fire Department show damage to the roof of the building.

When crews responded to the scene, debris was scattered all around the property. Officials told 13 News no one was injured.

“They had early voting going on inside City Hall, but everybody was fine,” said Virgil White, South Charleston Fire Chief. “They were able to get everybody out of the building, got the utilities cut off, so there wouldn’t be any further damage.”

According to Rick Atkinson, the city manager, the part of the building that was damaged is where the South Charleston Municipal Court and Mayor’s Office is located.

“If wind gets underneath of it, it becomes like a sail, and of course that wind is powerful and there is a lot of surface area so it just rips it,” He said. “When I got here, there was still pieces blowing off when a gust would come … and they were moving pretty quickly in the air.”

He said crews will begin fixing the roof on Sunday; however, that side of the building will not be open on Monday.