NITRO, WV (WOWK) — A bakery just held its grand opening on Saturday, and it’s selling something sweet and unique for everyone’s sweet tooth: homemade macarons.

That bakery is called “Bake My Day” and it’s located on Bank Street in Nitro.

They are not just selling macarons but also macaron cake pops, meringues and locally brewed coffee.

Owner Savannah Harrah said she is excited to bring a not-so-traditional yet delicious dessert to Nitro and give people the chance to find their favorite macaron flavor.

“I’m super excited. I’m glad I can bring something to West Virginia that we don’t really have in a big way,” Harrah said. “I started making these two years ago just for fun and my family and my kids. I started doing events this past year, and it’s just blown up. So many people have not tried them before, and I’m really excited to bring their first experience for some of them.”

Bake My Day’s grand opening featured live music from local performers Jonathan Thorne and Ryan Kennedy. The shop plans to host live music performances once a month. The shop also gives away free books to avid readers and accepts donations from the public to encourage more reading.