CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A Charleston City Councilmember who represents the district where a fire destroyed a house because of faulty fire hydrants on May 5 is wanting all Charleston fire hydrants to be tested.

Firefighters said three fire hydrants closest to the home on Chester Road had very low water flow, making it very difficult to put the flames out. The damage was so severe that the building was demolished one day later, under 24 hours following the start of the fire.

Crews have been working on fire hydrants in the Edgewood neighborhood where the fire took place.

On Monday, the councilmember that represents that part of Charleston – Councilmember Jeanine Faegre – said none of this should have happened and she wants Charleston City Council to work to have West Virginia American Water test every fire hydrant in the city.

“I was in tears that I saw firefighters that needed the tool that they needed the most and they couldn’t get it, and that was their water,” Councilmember Jeanine Faegre said on Monday. “We all should be so thankful that we have such hard-working men and women with the Charleston Fire Department.”

Faegre is also encouraging families to make sure they have fire extinguishers throughout their houses.