KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — Neighbors in the Kanawha City area are speaking out after they said an apartment next door is a biohazard. Tenants told 13 News that no one has properly cleaned up a body found following the removal.

Crews removed a body from an apartment on Veneable Avenue in the Kanawha City neighborhood on Father’s Day, according to the Charleston Police and Fire Departments.

Tenants told 13 News that the landlord – David Le – has not had the fluids and pathogens from the body cleaned up 18 days after officials removed the body. They said they think the body was decomposing for weeks before officials removed it.

“There’s still decomposing body and fluids and feces and everything left inside next door, and it’s now, still even a month later, coming into my apartment,” a tenant told 13 News. “It’s completely broken me; I’m mentally drained; I’m physically drained; I’m emotionally drained.”

13 News Reporter Sam DeCoste went into one of the apartments and saw flies and gnats scattered around the apartment.

When reached out to, Le said he plans to clean up the apartment as soon as possible, but could not give a date.

“I feel he wouldn’t want his family to live in these conditions, so why does he feel that my family is deserving of these conditions? It’s not fair; it’s not humane,” one tenant said. “As a landlord, you don’t just reap all the benefits and not have to keep your properties up. The smell… you can’t tolerate it.”

13 News did research on how much it would cost to clean up a body left in that state. We found that it can be anywhere from $1,800 to $5,000, if not more.