KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – The Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association (KCHA) is more than 100 animals over their capacity limit as of Sunday.

They typically limit their capacity to 200 to 300 animals in total, but as of Sunday morning, they have 451 animals in their care.

They offered a $10 adoption fee for all animals that are spayed or neutered and that are over six months old this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day and encourage adoptions. This reduction in price special was called “Fixed and Fabulous.”

While the “Fixed and Fabulous” special ended at 5 p.m. on Sunday, the shelter said they want people in the Charleston area and beyond to consider adopting an animal and providing a forever home.

The shelter has close to 200 dogs in their kennels, and that does not include 20 puppies who also need a home. The shelter said they also have 70 cats and kittens of all ages up for adoption.

Community Engagement Manager Angie Gillenwater said the KCHA is also pushing for weekend fosters to give staff members a break as they hope to find permanent and loving homes for their animals.

“Right now, shelters nationwide, but especially here at KCHA are completely full. Not only is that a strain on staff but when we’re full, that means we can’t help other animals that need us,” Gillenwater said. “So, in order to continue doing what we’re doing, continue our life-saving mission, it’s important that people choose adoption, and specifically at KCHA to continue to help the animals that need us.”

Gillenwater said it’s not just adoptions that they need but also volunteers, donations and families who can foster.

“I know that a lot of people think ‘Well I can’t adopt, so I can’t help’ or ‘I’m really not in the place to adopt right now, so I can’t help.’ But I do want to just really reiterate to people that you don’t have to adopt to help,” Gillenwater said. “Volunteering, donating, fostering, all of that it helps just as much as adopting a pet and getting them out of the shelter would.”

Gillenwater continued by saying, “If you’re donating supplies, you’re feeding a hungry belly. If you’re donating monetary donations, that goes to our medical care. Volunteering your time, helping us clean, helping us with just whatever we need, all of those help in place of adopting.”

Kanawha Charleston Humane Association will be offering sponsored adoption fees towards the end of June for families who missed the Memorial Day weekend “Fixed and Fabulous” special.