KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A Kanawha County magistrate judge ruled to evict a Charleston woman Monday morning. She is the same woman who called 13 News to complain about the conditions of her apartment after a man’s body was found next door.

The landlord, David Le, claimed in court that she owed him $400 in missed rent payments before her lease began on May 1. The judge denied this payment.

Le also stated that pets are not allowed in his apartments without landlord permission. The tenant moved in with two pet dogs, and claimed that Le gave her verbal permission. But she could not provide written permission in court.

13 News Reporter Sam DeCoste approached Le for comment on the eviction on his way out of the courtroom, to which he declined.

The wrongful occupation hearing lasted for 27 minutes before the judge ordered the tenant to leave her apartment. But after the meeting, she told 13 News that she felt more relieved that Le will no longer be her landlord.

“It came to this because he is a very shallow person, and all of his actions just proved how shallow,” she said. “He kept smirking at me like something was funny. Nothing is funny about this. He never apologized to begin with for what he allowed me to live in when he could have started taking action, and it never would have came to this.”

She also says that she hopes Le’s present and future tenants are not treated the same way.

“Stop lying on people, trying to get free money, to cover what the city just made you spend to clean that apartment up,” she said. “That was your job and responsibility as a property owner and a landlord anyways. He needs to stop taking advantage of people.”

The tenant has until Oct. 1 to vacate her apartment.

She has the option to appeal the judge’s decision to Kanawha County Circuit Court within the next twenty days, which she says she plans on doing.