CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The Kanawha County Attorney’s Office on Thursday released the federal grand jury subpoena issued to the county commission in the Kent Carper investigation.

Carper is accused of indecently exposing himself to a woman at Daniel Boone Park on May 15 at around 2:20 p.m. Police did not cite Carper pending further investigation and was allowed to leave.

The subpoena seeks to find any information on a female county commission employee. This is the employee who was emailed a job offer from Carper following the alleged incident. The woman’s boyfriend, Charleston Officer Hart Childress, was the one who first investigated the Carper complaint.

Investigators are looking at whether or not that email was potentially a bribe attempt or an effort to obstruct the investigation. Former prosecutors 13 News has spoken with said this email and job offer could be considered attempted bribery or obstruction of justice.

Carper is under both state and federal investigation, and more serious charges could be considered. But as of Thursday, no charges have been filed.

His family has maintained that the Commissioner was experiencing confusion caused by medical problems that day, and it was an “awful misunderstanding.”