DUNBAR, WV (WOWK) – Mountaineer Gas Company has been granted a temporary restraining order against two contractors, 3J Underground and BND Services, on the basis that they allegedly struck gas lines and caused an explosion to destroy a home in Dunbar.

The motion prevents the two contractors from working anywhere near Mountaineer gas lines in Kanawha County until further notice. A Kanawha County Circuit Judge approved the motion on Friday, August 11.

The Mountaineer Gas Company claims the contractors were working near Virginia Avenue and 16th street when they struck gas lines late in the morning of Aug. 7.

Instead of reporting the incident immediately, the motion alleges that the contractors waited until 2:30 p.m. Less than four hours later, around 6 p.m., that leak caused an explosion at the Grubb family home.

Michael Grubb, the homeowner, was inside with his wife when the explosion happened. He said he’s frustrated because the whole situation could’ve been prevented.

“I just looked out towards my door there and I seen the whole house rose up, and then it did a shake and when it landed that’s when everything exploded,” said Grubb.

Grubb said both of their dogs made it to safety; however their cat is still missing.

While they continue to search, they’re left picking up the pieces of what’s left of the home that’s been in his family for decades.

“I just hate that this even happened to it because this has a lot of family value to it, a lot of history for where I was raised, where my kids were raised,” Grubb said. “It has a lot of memories to it.”

According to the motion, this incident isn’t the first time that the contractors struck gas lines in the past few weeks while working in Dunbar and South Charleston.

13 News reached out to Mountaineer Gas Company and the contractors; however, both declined to comment.