CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Neighbors are reacting to the black bear sighting over the weekend in Charleston, West Virginia. It was last seen in the South Hills neighborhood on Sunday night, according to neighbors.

Neighbors who saw the bear say he looked like he was eight to nine feet tall. One person said they saw the bear standing on their front lawn leaning on a tree, before it ventured on a couple minutes later.

The bear has been spotted by people in South Hills on Oakmont Street and Ravinia Road, among other locations in the neighborhood.

A bear was also spotted in the same neighborhood in May. And just a month ago, a bear was spotted climbing out of a dumpster behind a Nicolas County elementary school.

The Division of Natural Resources says they are aware of the sighting in South Hills.

There are about 13,000 bears in the state of West Virginia, and most sightings happen in the summer months, between May and August.

The last time a bear attacked a person in the state was four years ago in Upshur County, but state officials say nobody has ever been killed by a bear attack in West Virginia.

Experts advise that if you see a bear to keep your distance, stay out of sight, and walk very slowly away if you have to make an escape.