CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—A new airline is coming to West Virginia International Yeager Airport.

On Tuesday, officials at Yeager Airport announced that Breeze Airways will provide flights to two new destinations: Charleston, South Carolina, and Orlando, Florida.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced that at least three other cities, including New York and the West Coast, will be added over the next 24 months. Officials say that would more than double connectivity at Yeager Airport.

According to the airline’s website, Breeze Airways “provides nonstop service between underserved routes across the U.S. at affordable fares.”

“As we grow and expand, we’re looking for great places to fly from, and this is definitely one of them,” Angela Vargo, Vice President of Marketing/Communications for Breeze Airways. “I think this community is really going to embrace these efficient non-stop flights. Breeze was born with the idea that you shouldn’t have to fly through a hub and connect. We want you to get you from point A to point B as affordably and efficiently as possible.”

Flights out of Charleston are available on Breeze Airways’ website now for flights as early as May 31. For both locations, they will be offered only two days a week.

The airline was founded in 2018 and began operations in 2021. Over the past two years, they’ve expanded from serving 16 cities to almost 40.

“They pride themselves on being very nice, a very nice airline, and that permeates all the way to their customer service,” said Dominique Ranieri, Airport Director. “They’re very innovative with how they’re working, not only with their call centers, but also those people you interact with at they airport. They want your flight to be as easy as possible.”

Ranieri said the partnership was a joint effort between the airport, the State of West Virginia, the Kanawha County Commission and the City of Charleston.