CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Residents in a Vista View Apartments townhouse tell 13 News that black mold is spreading in their apartment and that the spread worsened after maintenance stepped in.

13 News sent a crew to the townhouse on Tuesday and discovered mold growing under the tiles, in the bathroom behind the toilet and inside a child’s bedroom’s carpet.

The family living in the townhouse chose to remain anonymous. They say the mold started growing on the floor.

At the end of last summer, they say maintenance came to replace the floor, and the family left to stay with their family for two months.

But when they returned home, they say the mold spread to the furniture, kitchen and clothes.

The residents say they threw out all their living room furniture and clothes. To replace them, they say it cost more than $10,000.

The residents tell 13 News they do not feel safe in their own apartments anymore.

“Sometimes we don’t even wanna be here,” the resident said. “I wish we could just sit in a motel room for a little bit so they come in here so maybe they could clean it out and put us somewhere else. But they won’t even look to come to see if it’s safe for us to be here.”

According to the family, when they call the Vista View management to ask maintenance to come back, they tell the family to file a work order. They say they file a work order every day, but maintenance has still not come to clean up the mold.

The local building manager tells 13 News that they are currently working on several projects in the townhouse, and that maintenance will be sent to help as soon as they are available.