CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The 23rd annual Ribfest is coming back to Charleston this September at the Haddad Riverfront Park, hosted by Quantum Sports and Quantum Party Rentals.

The event will run from Sept. 14 to Sept. 17.

The festival was held in Dunbar in 2022, but Quantum Sports owner Aaron Wood said bringing the festival back to Charleston is important to him.

“I’ve decided to move the Ribfest back to Charleston. I was born and raised here, so it’s special to me to be able to bring such a big event back to the city of Charleston,” Wood said.

Wood continued, “We can showcase our home state here at Haddad Riverfront Park, and I think it’s the best location to have the festival.”

Wood said the festival will feature “world-class barbeque ribs and chicken with all the fixings.”

There will also be adventure rides, family-friendly activities, a chicken wing eating contest, live music like the “Blues Brothers,” local and national food vendors, and more.

This year, Ribfest will not charge admissions fees, unlike previous years.

“Not a lot of families can come out and pay a gate admission and then pay for food and everything else,” Janice Saar, Sales Director of Quantum Party Rentals, said. “We make it affordable. We make it an opportunity that every socioeconomic ratio can attend this event.”

Saar continued, “We just welcome this opportunity to make this available to the people and make it free.”

Saar said Ribfest is a great way for families to gather and enjoy the warm weather on the Boulevard.

“It’s a great opportunity to socialize. It’s a great opportunity to even network. It’s a great opportunity for a family reunion to get together. Come and enjoy the free concerts. Come and enjoy the food we have to offer,” Saar said.

Saar said one of the main goals this year is bringing the community together and marketing Charleston as a popular destination for family fun.

“We bring fun to every event we attend. So, looking forward to reenergizing, bringing a new face to the Ribfest, is just another opportunity for us to bring more fun to our community on the boulevard during rib fest,” Saar said. “We’re going to take up almost a whole block of nothing but fun for the kids.”