CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Alumni at the University of Charleston are raising money to build a sports broadcasting booth in honor of one of the university’s biggest fans who passed away in December.

Some Golden Eagles fraternity brothers are raising money to build a new sports broadcasting booth in the Innovation Center gym that would allow them to live stream any games. It is in honor of one of the Golden Eagles’ biggest fans, Sam Femia.

Femia attended the University of Charleston back when it was called Morris Harvey College four decades ago, but his devotion to his alma matter never grew old. His niece, Niki Kerton, says that you could always find Femia in the bleachers at the Innovation Center cheering on his Golden Eagles.

“You could always find him either at a basketball game, a football game, anything that had to do with UC and the Golden Eagles, he was always extremely supportive,” Kerton says.

After an eight-year battle with lung cancer, Femia passed away in December. But through the Sam Femia Memorial Project, his fraternity brothers are not letting his memory die.

Femia’s friends and family are raising money to build a broadcasting booth to allow the university to live stream any games that take place in the Innovation Center gym.

Dave Blashford, one of the organizers of the project and a fraternity brother of Femia’s at UC, says there is no better way to honor the university’s biggest fan.

“He was always so refreshing to go to a game because he would spend more time shaking hands, talking and laughing with people that he knew,” Blashford said. “He was a breath of fresh air any time we ever went to sporting events together.”

So far, the Sam Femia Memorial Project has raised nearly $25,000, and his family cannot believe the support they’ve received from the community, to continue Femia’s legacy.

“It’s been awesome because everybody knew who my husband was,” Susan Femia, Sam’s wife, says. “Everybody knew who Sam was. He’s never met a stranger. He was just a great person and have a great personality.”

Kerton adds that she is excited to see the memorial come to life so that she and all UC fans can see Femia’s name at every event in the Innovation Center gym from now on.

“Anyone who’s ever lost someone will know how hard that is, and how important it is to keep their memory alive and it’s so important to us,” Kerton said. “We would just love to see his name there forever. So that when you walk in, you always see Sam Femia there. Even though he’s not there in person, he is in spirit and name, and he’ll always be remembered as being at the UC games.”

You can donate to the Sam Femia Memorial Project using this link.