CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Vista View Apartments officials say a new boiler system is on the way to permanently restore hot water in Building 1311.

Management says they are expecting a new boiler system to be delivered Monday night.

On April 12, 13 News sent a crew to the building with a water thermometer to test the temperature of the hot water. The warmest water was at 64 degrees.

Last week, Ten South Management, Vista View’s management firm, told 13 News that replacing a faulty part in the current boiler system would be a permanent fix to the water issues. Shortly after the part was put in, residents say the hot water was back on for only 30 minutes, then it went cold again.

Residents say the water is now lukewarm.

Victoria Graves lives in Vista View and has three children, and she says neighbors are tired of waiting for the hot water to come back.

“They’ve been telling us for months that it’s gonna be fixed,” Graves said. “I am hoping that it will be a permanent fix, I am. But in the back of my head I am terrified we are not gonna have hot water again because we have been without hot water for so long.”

The building manager says they are unsure when the boiler system will be replaced, or when the hot water will be turned back on. They expect that to take place sometime this week.