CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Some people on the West Side of Charleston are now expressing outrage about a solicitation they got in the mail to buy insurance. The company says it’s just a coincidence that it got delivered during the natural gas crisis.

The insurance says it would protect the water lines in and near their homes, in the future. The outrage has been steady on Facebook posts in the past 24 hours.

On Friday, 46 miles of gas line was flooded after a water main break on Charleston’s West Side, Mountaineer Gas spokesperson and Sr. Vice President Moses Skaff said. Customers on Charleston’s West Side were without both gas and water, but water services were restored shortly after. West Virginia American Water has declined to comment.

Then on Wednesday, people got suspicious of a possible scam when they received a postcard in the mail offering them insurance to pay to protect their water lines. Their suspicions lit up social media, but it turns out the insurance offer was not a scam at all.

“And it’s even more confusing as I’ve learned that it was like, oh, this isn’t even actually West Virginia American Water. It’s like a third party and I just don’t understand it. After not having hot water or heat all week, it was really annoying,” said Hunter Starks, a West Side gas outage victim.

An official with American Water Resources, which offered the insurance, says the nationwide mass mailing was planned two to three months ago. The fact that the postcards arrived during the West Side gas and water crisis, was just a coincidence.

On average, the water line insurance would be about $6-$7 for future protection.