UPDATE (10:11 p.m. on Thursday, April 13): Multiple Vista View residents tell 13 News that their hot water was turned back on Thursday.

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Vista View residents say their hot water is still not back on.

On Wednesday night, shortly after 13 News reported residents have been waiting since December for hot water, Vista View management posted signs in the building, apologizing to tenants.

The notice also says they expected the hot water to be back on Thursday after replacing a boiler part. 13 News spoke with a representative from Ten South Management, the ownership firm of Vista View. They released a statement, saying:

“The problems with the boiler and intermittent lack of hot water began 2 1/2 weeks ago at the end of March.  There was an unconnected issue with the water system in December caused by extreme below freezing temperatures that necessitated repairs to another component of the water system, but not the boiler and those were fixed and not ongoing.  We have apologized to all affected tenants and have kept them updated on our efforts to fix the boiler problem.  We have had multiple repair services in to troubleshoot and try to fix it.  On their recommendation, we ordered and installed a new part to fix the problem, but it failed again after 24 hours.  Those repairmen then recommended that we order and install a new control panel and burner, which we did and they arrived today and are being installed right now.  We have been told and expect that will fix the issue permanently.  Ultimately, we are ordering an entire new boiler system for the building, which we expect to be delivered and installed in the next few weeks.”

Over the last several months as residents have waited for the hot water to come back, many say they’ve reached out to state and local representatives to ask them to step in and help.

Patrick Krason, a political consultant and friend of a resident in Vista View, says he wrote to Charleston Mayor Amy Goodwin.

“We don’t treat our neighbors this way,” Krason said. They’ve been asking for help and they’re not getting it. So maybe people with more power in this world can help get this fixed.”

Resident Kristan Turley has three kids, and she says the hot water can’t come back soon enough.

“There’s many families in there with children, there’s many people with problems that need the water accessibility. It’s mind-blowing that it’s gone on this long.”

13 News also spoke with Congresswoman Carol Miller and Senator Joe Manchin’s office and they both say they are aware of the issue and will do what they can to help turn the hot water back on as soon as possible.