CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A showdown vote is set for Tuesday evening, Sept. 27, 2022, on a major energy project many call crucial for West Virginia. This is not the actual vote on the Mountain Valley Pipeline project, but it is a critical hurdle.

When the U.S. Senate next gathers on Tuesday, it will vote on what’s known as a ‘motion to proceed.’
That is a test vote on a continuing resolution to keep the federal government funded and operating, instead of shutting down on Saturday. But inside of that continuing resolution is a permitting bill that would allow completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which could pump millions of dollars from natural gas sales, into the West Virginia economy.

“That line will bring 2-billion cubic feet of gas into the market, into the United States market, when its completed. And it’s the only thing we have in America today, that can be done within a six-month period and put that much in the market, that is desperately needed right now,” said Sen. Joe Manchin, (D) West Virginia.

But environmentalists, including certain members of the U.S. Senate, are concerned that the pipeline could pollute water and air. If the “motion to proceed” fails tomorrow, it’s likely the Mountain Valley Pipeline project will be stripped out of the bill to keep the government open.

And if the motion to proceed is approved, there will be 30-hours of debate split evenly by the parties.
There could be amendments and changes, before a final vote on the federal funding and the pipeline.