CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia lawmakers on Tuesday came together to talk about a bill that would reverse the new controversial transfer portal law that is allegedly creating blowout high school football games.

House Bill 2820, also known as the High School Sports Integrity Act, would erase the amendment that allows high school athletes a one-time free transfer to any school. Under old WVSSAC rules, players could transfer before their ninth-grade year or appeal their case to the league.

Those who oppose the transfer say it gives an unfair advantage to teams, while supporters say this has been going on for a long time.

“We’re leaders. We know occasionally you don’t get it right and we make a mistake and maybe inject ourselves into something we shouldn’t have injected ourselves in,” Del. Dana Ferrell (R-Kanawha) said on Tuesday. “And a true leaders says, ‘You know what? Got that wrong. Let’s go back and make it right.’ And so I hope as leaders here that that’s what we’ll do.”

Governor Jim Justice (R-WV) and other key lawmakers have spoken out against the new rule. Opponents against the new rule are calling for an interim special session to overturn it.