HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — A lawsuit filed against Amazon that alleged a heated pet bed bought from the e-commerce company caused a deadly Huntington house fire was settled, according to PMR Law.

Paranjpe Mahadass Ruemke LLP, also known as PMR Law, filed a lawsuit that said Drema Adkins’ son, who lived with her, bought her the Hydogooho-branded heated pet bed for her cats.

In February 2020, the law firm said the pet bed caught on fire, causing Drema to be trapped upstairs in her bedroom. Her son tried to save her by climbing up a drainpipe, but it broke, PMR Law said. She later died from smoke inhalation and the house was destroyed.

PMR Law said they found that the Hydogooho brand did not exist and was allowed on Amazon without being vetted. They said the pet bed’s description said the temperature could be adjusted to “avoid overheating.”

The specific outcome of the lawsuit is confidential, PMR Law said.