LINCOLN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – The Lincoln County Clerk’s Office had to close today due to water issues.

According to Lincoln County Chief Election Clerk Kristy Scraggs, water started coming through the ceiling today, Tuesday, May 16 into her office. She did not say if the issue was due to the weather or if there was a problem with a water line in the building.

Scraggs said the office is unsafe due to water falling on the computers and electrical outlets and will be closed until further notice.

“I can’t have employees working in this condition and unsafe environment,” Scraggs said on Facebook. “I have posted a video so the tax payers can see why I have to close. Let’s pray we don’t loose anything and the records stay protected. Also remember my office is on the bottom floor so imagine the office above me.”

Scraggs says anyone who needs to contact her office can call the County Commission at 304-824-7990 ext. 221.