CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Kanawha State Forest near Charleston, WV is a place where many people in the area go to enjoy the outdoors. But while some celebrate nature others, are tainting the area around the forest with illegal dumping.

“Come out cold, hot, you name it I am out,” said St. Albans, WV resident June Hicks. She has been coming to Kanawha State Forest since she was a little girl. Her mom brought her there to teach her about nature. Now she comes to the forest for peace and exercise.

Unfortunately picking up other people’s trash has become part of her routine.

“I will stop and pick up, some of the stuff is really trashy and I put it over to the side and my husband walks behind me. He comes back and will put it in the trash barrel,” Hicks said. “It is very frustrating to have to come up on that. You’ve got this space, enjoy it and don’t trash this for other people.”

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection recently cleared hundreds of tires dumped over the sides of the back road between Hershaw and Kanawha State Forest. People who come to the location are thankful for the clean-up but heartbroken that people make the messes to begin with.

“I would want them to know there’s other places to put their trash and they are destroying a really pretty place and they are taking away from the joy of others,” said visitor Peggy Kiser-Crouch.

If you see someone dumping trash illegally near the forest or in your community you can report it anonymously to the DEP by clicking here.