HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter is seeing an unexplainable surge of animals right now, and, with kennels full, the shelter says it’s going to take more than just all hands on deck.

“Pretty much, every run is filled inside and in the barn; and almost all of our cages for the smaller dogs are filled as well. We’re in a bind with the cats as well also – in that almost all of our available cat space is filled. So, we just have a lot of animals and we haven’t increased the number of staff members to care for all of these animals,” says the shelter’s Executive Director, Courtney Proctor Cross.

With the shelter being at full capacity, that means more dogs to walk, more mouths to feed, and less time for each individual animal.

The shelter now says they are in urgent need of volunteers to help tend to the animals and lessen the overload of work on the staff. They are asking for people to come in and help take on the tasks of walking, feeding, and even playing with the animals. 

“With all of the dog and cats, 5 leave 10 more come in. So we’re always doing medical stuff – vaccines, flea prevention. We have a lot more cats to feed now, there’s a lot of dishes to be done, our dish tanks are normally pretty full. Anything you can think of, we’re drowning in it,” says a shelter staff member, Kayla Retcliff.

Anyone wanting to volunteer can find more information on the shelter’s requirements here.