LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — Logan County’s first Par Mar will be opening on Friday, according to David Allen, Director of Community Relations for Par Mar Stores.

Allen said the store will be at 201 Appalachian Outpost Trail in Lyburn That location used to be the location for the Midway Shopping Plaza or the Rita Mall.

“Growing up as a kid in Logan County, the Rita Mall was everything to us,” Allen said in a press release. “The mall opened in 1980, and at one time there were well over 30 businesses located here, including Kroger, Wendy’s, Bonanza, plus jewelry, furniture and music stores, a skating rink, a post office and more.”

The store will have gas, food items, a restaurant area as well as a mural for three Logan County high school teams, the Man Hillbillies, Logan Wildcats and Chapmanville Regional Tigers, and a tribute to West Virginia coal miners, according to Allen.