LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — The owner of a Logan County coffee shop was arraigned Friday on child pornography and sexual assault charges.

Michael Cline, 48, is the owner of Hot Cup Coffee on Stratton Street in Logan. He was arrested in February after the West Virginia State Police searched the location in January 2023. He was indicted in May 2023.

According to Logan County Prosecutor Dave Wandling, the Logan County Grand Jury returned two indictments on May 9, with a third remaining under investigation. One of the indictments is a two-count indictment, one count of distribution and exhibiting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct and the second count is for use of minors in filming sexually explicit conduct. The second indictment is the previous charges, plus one count of sexual assault in the second degree.

In one of the cases, an underage victim allegedly sent sexual pictures and videos to Cline. She allegedly sent about 100 photos and 30 videos to him before she was 18 years old.

In another one of the cases, an underage victim was identified through the internet crimes against children database. Back in 2020, Facebook flagged explicit photos she allegedly sent to Cline via social media.

In the final case, the victim came forward after seeing the social media posts about the other incidents. Cline allegedly followed the underaged victim into a restroom where he sexually assaulted her.

The judge found probable cause in all three cases and sent them to the grand jury in FebruaryThe defense filed a motion to reduce the bond, but the judge denied the motion.

Logan County Prosecutor Dave Wandling commented on Michael Cline’s arrest in February saying that the allegations are “graphic” and “violent.”

“They are very graphic; they are very violent; they involve children. They are among the most serious allegations that I have seen on a case like this. If there are any other children or women who were affected by this, I would urge them to come forward. Your case will be investigated,” Wandling said.

He said you can contact the Logan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office or the West Virginia State Police.

“We have allegations dating back over two decades. I do believe that he’s a flight risk,” Wandling said.

Wandling said he is unable to go into more detail about what the investigation uncovered.

Cline is being held in the Southwestern Regional Jail on a $500,000 cash bond.