HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall University students have mixed opinions on a proposed bill that would allow guns on college campuses across West Virginia.

This bill passed the State Senate with a 29-4 vote.

Right now, universities have the complete say-so on if weapons are allowed on campus. If the bill passes, they say that would limit the authority they have to regulate this.

Legislatures say this proposed bill would not allow for open carry and those who decide to carry would have to go through training.

“I would feel very unsafe, very unsafe. I already don’t feel as safe walking home at night, so it’s just another thing added to the list. I wouldn’t feel safe even being on campus during the day,” Angela Vest, a Junior at Marshall University, said.

Another student, James Sneddon, said, if a person has gone through the steps to get a permit, it’s a good idea.

“I’m in the military and I think if someone is confident enough and able to get a permit they should be able to carry it on a public, college campus,” Sneddon explained.

Marshall University says if it’s passed, they will take steps to make sure everyone continues to feel safe here.