POINT PLEASANT, WV (WOWK) — A family is counting their blessings after three high schoolers jumped into action and saved some of their animals from a barn fire in Mason County.

According to Point Pleasant Fire Chief Jeremy Bryant, the fire started Monday afternoon along Ohio River Road at the Simon Old Town Farm.

“We’re very grateful for those young men,” Bryant said. “When we pulled on scene they were trying to let the livestock out and they saved several animals by doing that.”

The three high school students said they were on their way back to school when they saw smoke.

Once they realized the barn was on fire, they stopped and called 911. As they waited for emergency crews to arrive, they jumped into action to save as many animals as they could.

“We pulled in and by that time the whole front of it was already on fire,” Caleb Pierson said. “So we just tried to get as many animals out as we could. We didn’t get all of them, but we got what we could.”

The students told 13 News they did not think twice about running into the burning building. Once they saw the animals, they knew something needed to be done.

 “When we first pulled up we weren’t really thinking about anything besides the animals. That was the first thing on our minds,” said Gavin Leach. “Thinking back to it, we just ran into the place on fire, not a care in the world, just wanting to save the animals.”

The students were able to save some of the animals; however, others did not make it out. They said the fire continued to spread, forcing them to abandon those left.

“Me and one of the guys were in these first two stalls, and we were right up against the wall and the wind caught the fire and we just had to get out,” said Logan Casey. “We got most of the animals out, but not all of them unfortunately.” 

According to Chief Bryant, the cause of the fire is undetermined due to extensive damage. Aside from the loss of animals, he said there were no other reported injuries.