MASON COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — A man was arrested and charged with domestic battery for allegedly dragging a person down two flights of stairs and slamming their head against a wall.

According to a criminal complaint, a person close to 27-year-old William Powell, of Leon, went to law enforcement alleging that Powell had caused them to have multiple bruises on their face and neck, and a black eye.

The complaint says that the victim is alleging that Powell went to their residence and started to argue with them. At this point, the victim says they tried to leave the room when Powell grabbed them by the hair and dragged them down two flights of stairs.

The criminal complaint for Powell says he started to hit the victim with a closed fist and then grabbed the victim by the hair and slammed them against a wall.

The complaint says the victim was able to leave the situation, but could not call 911 because Powell had taken their phone.

Powell is being charged with domestic battery and is being held in the Western Regional Jail.