POINT PLEASANT, WV (WOWK) — Controversy between a mother and daughter, and a school is happening in Point Pleasant, and it is all about prom.

The mother of 17-year-old Noel Walworth, Lesley Young, said Walworth has autism, anxiety and OCD.

Walworth wants to go to the Point Pleasant High School prom, but school policy prevents Young from being with her daughter at the dance.

The issue started when Young asked school officials if she could attend the prom, but the district denied the request, saying nobody over 20 years old can be a guest. She then asked if she could be an official chaperone, but a background check is required and the deadline had already passed.

Point Pleasant High School Principal William Cotrill said she would allow Young to stay in the office and watch from cameras, but Walworth said she is not comfortable without her mother there beside her.

Cotrill told 13 News that he wants Walworth at the prom, but must follow school policy.

“We went through a number of accommodations to try to compromise, to make sure everybody was safe within the dance,” Cotrill said.

Even with the accommodations, Young said she does not feel like her daughter is being heard.

“I honestly don’t believe they have a true understanding because they’re not her parent,” Young said.