MINGO COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — Three people were arrested in Mingo County, West Virginia, in relation to alleged sexual abuse against two children.

The criminal complaint states that on Saturday, Feb. 25, “Juvenile 1,” and their mother spoke with West Virginia State Police about abuse and neglect allegations. The victim later gave more information to a forensic interviewer on Feb. 28 and March 16, according to the criminal complaint.

Authorities learned that Kenny Runyon, 40, of Wharncliffe, West Virginia, allegedly made Juvenile 1 watch him urinate outside and, in a separate incident, masturbated in front of the victim.

The criminal complaint says Juvenile 1 told Tina Runyon, 58, of Wharncliffe, about the allegations. Tina Runyon allegedly refused to help the victim. Tina Runyon later admitted on police body camera that she knew about the alleged incidents and did nothing, according to the criminal complaint.

In addition, Scott Runyon, 39, of Wharncliffe, allegedly forced Juvenile 1 to touch him sexually from when the victim was seven to 13 years old. Scott Runyon made the victim “stroke” him until ejaculation, the criminal complaint states. The suspect also allegedly sexually touched Juvenile 1, including one occasion where he put his hand down the victim’s pants and rubbed his hand “back and forth and in circular motions.”

Furthermore, Scott Runyon allegedly made Juvenile 1 play “Spin the Bottle” with another victim, “Juvenile 2.” The criminal complaint says Scott Runyon told the two children to kiss. Scott Runyon then allegedly told Juvenile 2 that it “wasn’t the proper way to do it” and started kissing Juvenile 1.

Juvenile 1 stated Scott Runyon allegedly forced them to touch Juvenile 2, and vice versa.

Juvenile 2 was interviewed on March 16 and made statements matching Juvenile 1’s report, the criminal complaint says.

Juvenile 2 further disclosed that Scott and Tina Runyon allegedly told the child to not speak to authorities nor tell them the truth. The criminal complaint says Juvenile 2 was in fear after the Runyons contacted them.

Tina Runyon was arrested for Witness Intimidation; Allowing Sexual Abuse to be Inflicted Upon a Child; and Conspiracy.

Kenny Runyon was charged with Sexual Abuse to a Child; Displaying of Sex Organs; and two counts of Distribution and Display to a Minor of Obscene Matter.

Scott Runyon was charged with Distribution and Display to a Minor of Obscene Matter; Use of Obscene Matter with Intent to Seduce a Minor; First Degree Sexual Abuse; Sexual Abuse to a Child; Witness Intimidation; and Conspiracy.

Kenny and Scott Runyon are currently in Southwestern Regional Jail in Logan County.

(Mugshots from the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation)