MINGO COUNTY, WV (WOWK)—The Mingo County Prosecutor is responding after we raised questions about a murder that happened more than a year ago.

Last week, we followed up on the murder of Teresa Harmon. The trials for the two men accused of her murder in March of 2022 have not yet been scheduled.

According to Mingo County Courthouse records, Chase Prater, Harmon’s nephew, was accused of killing Harmon in March 2022 and was released on bond in October 2022.

Arrested with Prater was 36-year-old Alex Dewayne Likens of Ragland, West Virginia. Records show that Likens did have a pre-trial hearing on April 11, but no future trial dates have been scheduled. He is still behind bars.

On Friday, 13 News received a statement from Mingo County Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan “Duke” Jewell. Jewell said that the investigation into the case is taking so long because of its complexity.

He said that law enforcement has “encountered delays and obstacles in locating and interviewing witnesses.”

Jewell added that some of those interviewed gave officers inaccurate information. He says that law enforcement also spent a significant amount of time trying to obtain phone records after discovering that cell phones and social media sites were used by people related to the case.

Jewell expressed his frustration with the delays and said that he hopes that the case will be brought to court during the September-January term.