CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has not yet indicated what he will do with the abortion bill passed in the West Virginia Legislature on Tuesday, Sept. 13, but he did urge lawmakers to come back to the Capitol and get something done, and they did.

There was a lot of drama and intrigue at the Capitol over the past few days and it’s not over yet.

The bill is currently in the enrollment process where it must be signed by the sponsor and legislative leaders.
Then, it will be delivered to Governor Justice, who has yet to signal what he’ll do.

The governor has options. If he approves the bill, he can sign it or just let it become law without his signature. If he doesn’t approve, he can veto it. Either way, political watchers predict this will be a huge issue in the November election.

“This will be the single most polarizing issue, in the state of West Virginia. And I think its timing was for that purpose. The conservatives are going to be polarized on their side. And the liberals, the Democrats will be polarized on their side,” said attorney Rusty Webb, who once served eight years in the House of Delegates.

Many Capitol watchers believe Governor Justice will ultimately sign the bill, as he has long described himself as strongly pro-life. But, if he and his staff find flaws with the legislation, or even one item he disagrees with, a veto is possible.

Now here’s an interesting bit of constitutional trivia. If there is a veto, the legislature cannot override it.
Overrides must happen in the very same session a bill becomes law, and since both chambers have recessed, this third special session is over, and they can’t come back.