CHARLESTON, WV – (WOWK) — More paid poll workers are being sought in West Virginia’s most populous county. Tuesday, May 10 is primary election day in the Mountain State.

At the Kanawha County Voter Registration Office, employees were busy getting voting equipment ready, and out to the precincts for Tuesday’s balloting. Polls are open tomorrow from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm.
remember to bring an ID, and be aware that many voting precincts and delegate districts have changed this year. And in Kanawha county there is a last-minute plea for more paid poll workers for tomorrow, as several have dropped out.

“Every time the phone rings, somebody’s going to quit on me. We’ve had four people quit today that’s got the COVID. Of course, we don;t want them out there with it. So, we are taking poll workers. We’ll bring them in and train them,” said Vera McCormick, Kanawha County Clerk.

Poll workers are paid $200 a day in Kanawha County. Some can pick up an additional $80 by being poll suppliers. And poll workers who escort machines back to headquarters, get another $30.
If you’d like to be a Kanawha County poll worker, just call 304-357-0110.