KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – More than two months after a tractor-trailer crashed and caused a chemical spill, people are still dealing with the fallout and are afraid to use their water.

The Kanawha County Commissioners said the chemical was not detected in the water after a recent round of testing, but residents said they’re still seeing the water foam after it rains.

Shay Couch, President of the Paint Creek Watershed Association, said the creek just needs to be cleaned.

“Whatever you got to keep it every time it rains from leaking back into our stream because the foam comes back every time it rains just like the day of the accident the foam is everywhere,” Couch said.

Despite the testing, residents like Virginia McBrayer, said they’re still concerned, leaving her, as well as 35 other homes that rely on well water, finding ways to adjust.

“They bring us water up there to Collinsdale and we use that for our drinking and cooking but I run my dishwater. We’ve been taking a bath. We don’t drink it,” she said.

She said residents are left frustrated, waiting for a solution.

“This is something we’ve had to live with and learn to deal, with but it’s not something we want people to just forget about,” McBrayer said.

Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper said they’ve requested more tests be done to ensure the safety of the residents, but in the meantime, bottled water will continue to be donated to those affected.