CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – We’ve all heard about the horror stories happening on flights across the country with unruly passengers and flight cancellations. 13 News wanted to see if travelers here had the same experience this holiday season.

Although it’s not as many travelers today, Yeager airport is still busy with people coming and going for Thanksgiving.

“Even though it’s been a lot more crowded, people seem to be willing to wear their mask and respect each other’s distance,” Brendan Mullins, Traveler said.

Justin Cooper, who flew from San Diego, says traveling has been easy for him, but he can’t say the same for others.

“I have friends who fly with other airlines and they’ve experienced a lot of the different flight cancellations and been stuck in the airports and things of that nature,” Justin Cooper, Traveler said.

Some airlines have canceled thousands of flights, leaving passengers around the country angry and frustrated. Mullins says he can count on Delta when it comes to consistency.

“My friend warned me of delays he had heard about and what some of the other airlines, and when I told him who I was flying with, he said oh, maybe you won’t have to worry about it,” Mullins said.

Flyers are also concerned about unruly passengers. Fights and injured flight attendants are still making headlines.

“I can’t speak on behalf of the airlines, they’re completely separate from the airport, but here at the airport we’ve had no incidents,” Rachel Urbanski, Public Affair Specialist at Yeager Airport said.

Staff say they want to remind people to give themselves extra time for traveling about an hour and a half before their flight leaves.