BRAMWELL, WV (WVNS) — The Hatfield McCoy Trail System plays a big role as West Virginia rebrands itself as a destination location. And on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, the organizers behind the system celebrated a major milestone.

If you ever decide to visit Mercer County, make sure to stop by the Pocahontas Trail in Bramwell, part of the Hatfield McCoy Trail. The Hatfield McCoy Trail System came to the Home of Millionaires 11 years ago.

Jeffery Lusk, Executive Director with the trail system said, believe it or not, most of the riders come from out of state.

“The trail system will bring in over 95,000 ATV riders this year. 80% are Non-West Virginia residents. Those folks are here on vacation. So, they’re staying in local lodging, they’re eating at local restaurants, purchasing their fuel, purchasing their food here,” Lusk said.

And the locals take advantage of the various courses throughout the town. Aaron Simpkins, who is a regular rider on the Pocahontas Trail said he just rides for the mud.

“It’s just nice for everyone to come out and enjoy nature. And the trails let a lot of people see a lot of woods, a lot of mud. A lot of places that don’t have a lot of mud, they got a lot of flat trails, and you get to see the mountains,” Simpkins said.

Lusk said adding this trail opened doors of opportunity for both the community and the trail system.

“It’s turned a town that had a great history and a wonderful place into a tourist destination. So, there’s a tourist economy here that didn’t exist 11 years ago, and it’s a tourist economy that continues to expand and grow in this community,” Lusk said.