PUTNAM COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Whether students should wear a mask in school remains a point of contention in Putnam County.

Tonight, the school board took action on the long-debated issue:

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise among students, the board voted on a temporary 5 day mask mandate – if and when certain positivity levels are reached.

There are 187 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Putnam County schools and hundreds of more students are in quarantine.

Angel Kelly’s daughter attends Hurricane High.

She says several of her daughter’s friends are in quarantine.

“It’s very unsettling that nobody from the high school has addressed the issue. It’s rather bothersome too and knowing my daughter could be in contact with Covid.”

Other parents we spoke with say they’re afraid to talk on camera about the issue.

During Monday’s school board meeting the usual tensions ran high.

“I already thought they were coming for your guns, now I know they’re coming for our children.”

“It is for you or us to trust the guidance, you’re failing in your duty to provide a safe learning space for my children.”

The school board then shot down a 28 day temporary mask mandate proposed by board member Calvin Harris.

In an effort to curb quarantine cases, the board instead voted for a 5 day temporary mask mandate, if 25 percent of grades 9-12 and 15 percent of grades K-8 test positive.

Some cheered the board for this action, others say it’s not enough and worry their children could contract the virus in school.,