PUTNAM COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – The Putnam County school board eliminated the librarian aid position at Hurricane Town Elementary School last spring.

This decision was made due to overall reductions, which are based off of enrollment numbers.

The Putnam County school board released in a statement that the elementary school’s library aid position was part of a “reduction in force during the 2022 and 2023 school year.” That means the position was taken away because of a decline in school population or enrollment numbers.

The school board says students at Hurricane Town Elementary still have access to the library despite the elimination of the position because of the help from teachers, school administrators, staff members and parent volunteers.

However, one parent who volunteers with the school said her son hasn’t had enough access to the library this year following the position elimination.

“I think it would just be nice if there could be some resolution, whether that’s sharing a librarian from a bigger school and having some time here in time there,” parent Heather Whittington said. “So, at least we had someone partially similar to how the school nurse position is there, if nothing else, bring it to the attention of people who make those decisions that it does have an impact on the children.”

The mom said she and other parents at the school want to see change moving forward.

“Lots of children, my son included, look forward to checking out books. It makes them feel somewhat grown up and responsible. And, they get to read new things all the time that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to,” Whittington said. “So it’s just it’s very disappointing that we don’t have that position anymore.”

Parents said hope more library time can be incorporated into the school day by bringing back this library aid position.