PUTNAM COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A woman is facing several charges in an animal cruelty case in Putnam County.

According to a criminal complaint from Putnam County Magistrate Court, Jada McCallister of Culloden, has been charged with six counts of animal cruelty after abandoning a cat and three kittens and allegedly causing the death of two of the kittens.

The complaint states that on or about Aug. 27, 2023, McCallister allegedly drove to Sycamore Ridge Road in Hurricane, and set an adult female cat and three kittens outside her vehicle. Authorities say the three kittens were approximately four weeks old at the time.

Authorities say after dropping off the animals, McCallister began to drive away, and allegedly ran over two of the kittens as she left. The complaint says McCallister allegedly did not stop after hitting the two kittens.

According to the complaint, someone witnessed the incident and called 911. Authorities said one of the kittens was dead by the time an animal control officer arrived to the scene. A veterinarian said the kitten’s injuries “were consistent with being crushed by a vehicle.”

Authorities say the other kitten that was struck was “severely injured” and had similar injuries to the deceased kitten. The veterinarian said the second kitten later died at the veterinary hospital.

The criminal complaint states four of McCallister’s animal cruelty charges come from allegedly abandoning the four animals, and the other two are from allegedly not seeking medical treatment for the injured kittens.

According to Putnam County Humane Officer Jon Rutherford, the two surviving cats – the adult and the third kitten – were taken to the Putnam County Animal Shelter and have already been adopted out.

McCallister has bonded out of jail, officials say. It is not clear when her first court appearance will be at this time.