SCOTT DEPOT, WV (WOWK) – Homeowners Stacy and Eric Ritchie say their home is destroyed because of a faulty drainage system.

The drainage system – put in by the Department of Transportation – is supposed to stop water from across the street from getting into their home, as well as another system that is supposed to collect any additional traveling water.

Inside Ritchie’s home, there is water damage from the water beneath their home, as well as damage along the outside of the home.

“You’ve got all this gravel under my home, the moisture under my home, and inside of my home the wood is ruined. All of my trim, my kitchen island, is moisture ridden from what’s coming up from underneath. Who’s going to fix that?” Stacy Ritchie said. “My husband sits on his bottom to shovel. We can’t do this, we’re both disabled. I’ve had four strokes.”

They have installed four new drainage systems to try to guide the water from the road to the creek that’s behind their home.

They say they have reached out to the Department of Transportation and Governor Justice’s office and they say they have not received help.

13 News has reached out to the Department of Transportation for comment.