MASON COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – The Ripley High School student who had to miss his school prom, because he had a gun in his truck on school property, got a second chance to have a special night.

Riley Knotts did miss his first prom, but now his community and friends made up for it Saturday evening.

A crowd of people came out to welcome Knotts to his own prom celebration at Wood Song Acres in Mason County. Community members, organizations and other donors made sure he had an experience unlike anything else.

The location, food and decorations were all donated. Knotts told 13 News that he is grateful for all the support and work put into making this night special.

“I was the most excited for that right there, just seeing all my friends and stuff being able to be here. Some of them couldn’t actually go to prom at high school. Everybody coming and doing this means more to me than I can ever put into words. I hope one day I can pay it back,” Knotts said after making a grand entrance for his Prom 2023 celebration.

Knotts was banned from school property after a gun was found in his grandfather’s car on school property. According to family members and friends, he was banned from all Jackson County schools for a year as a result of the incident. The disciplinary action taken meant he couldn’t attend senior prom or graduation.

Before the Jackson County Board of Education voted to allow Knotts to come back to school, he was flanked by hundreds while he and his grandfather went to the school in a horse-drawn carriage ahead of an expulsion meeting in April.