CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Students in Kanawha County were out of class Wednesday but some of them still fit in some fun lessons about Hispanic heritage.

The Charleston YWCA Racial Equity and Inclusion Center teamed up with the Charleston Branch of the Kanawha County Public Library for a special event.

“It was such an amazing view when I walked in the door and there was so many children here,” said Shante Ellis, Racial Equity Inclusion Director for the YWCA. “It is really something when you can put something like this together and everyone in the community gets involved.”

Students were captivated by the Disney movie Encanto. They enjoyed snacks as well.

“I hope that they had a little bit of fun and I hope that they can go back and share with their families all that they were inspired to do,” Ellis said.

On the children’s floor of the library, kids enjoyed coloring sheets and conversation along with books that fit this month’s lessons.

“We need to show that everyone has something to offer in this country,” said Terri McDougal, Head of Children’s Services. “We have special events throughout the year for different ethnicities and we are proud to be able to highlight the variety and richness of the Hispanic heritage.”

McDougal said parents don’t have to wait for a specific month to bring children to the library to learn about other cultures. They have resources available all of the time.

“If they need help finding something feel free to ask one of us that works here at the library and we’ll be happy to make that connection with you,” McDougal said.

The new space at the library allowed students to be immersed in the movie with big screens and sound all around.

“I had to learn some of the new lighting and technology,” McDougal said. “But any time that we can showcase the library while involving students and groups of children it is a blessing to me.”

For the YWCA it was a chance to share important lessons that they hope will last a lifetime.

“It is important for us to learn other cultures just so we can live in society as one and learn about each other and experience and love one another in a way that we should,” Ellis said.