CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia is the worst state for people looking for jobs, according to a study by WalletHub.

The study based the ranking on the job market and economic environment of each state.

West Virginia is at the bottom of the list with an overall score of 35.45. West Virginia’s job market is the lowest score as well and the state ranked 49th for economic environment. West Virginia’s western neighbor, Kentucky, was 50th for economic environment.

West Virginia is also the state with the lowest median annual income, according to the study. Vermont, Louisiana, New Mexico and Maine are above West Virginia in that category. The highest median annual income states are Virginia, Utah, Minnesota, New Jersey and Maryland.

In a previous study, it found that, out of 182 cities, Charleston is ranked 91 and Huntington is ranked 161 for best and worst cities for jobs.

The bottom ten states in the study include:

  • Ohio (41)
  • Alabama (42)
  • South Carolina (43)
  • Pennsylvania (44)
  • Oklahoma (45)
  • Arkansas (46)
  • Louisiana (47)
  • Mississippi (48)
  • Kentucky (49)
  • West Virginia (50)

The top ten states in the study include:

  • Washington (1)
  • Vermont (2)
  • New Hampshire (3)
  • Colorado (4)
  • Minnesota (5)
  • Rhode Island (6)
  • Massachusetts (7)
  • Virginia (8)
  • Connecticut (9)
  • New Jersey (10)

The study says the best state for the job market is Vermont and the state with the best economic environment is Washington.