CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The Social Security Administration (SSA) listed the top 10 baby name predictions for West Virginia in 2022.

To predict the names, the SSA used social security card data from births in the last five years.

West Virginia’s top 10 baby name predictions in 2022 for boys and girls are listed below. Data also includes the number of people with each name in 2020 and how many are estimated to have the names in 2022.

Names in bold are names unique to West Virginia because they appear on the state’s list, but do not appear on the national list for predicted baby names in 2022.


Boy NamesAmount in 20202022 Prediction
1) Liam102116
2) Waylon7386
3) Asher8183
4) Elijah8879
5) Oliver6579
6) William7878
7) Mason8676
8) Maverick6274
9) Wyatt7874
10) Noah8171
(Data courtesy of the Social Security Administration)


Girl NamesAmount in 2020 2022 Prediction
1) Amelia79100
2) Harper8384
3) Emma7579
4) Olivia7479
5) Ava7974
6) Willow5873
7) Paisley7169
8) Charlotte5969
9) Everleigh4265
10) Sophia5660
(Data courtesy of the Social Security Administration)

Several of West Virginia’s top baby name predictions for 2022 also made the top list for the state’s western neighbor, Ohio.

Those boy names are Oliver (#1), Liam (#2), Noah (#3), William (#5) and Elijah (#6). Girl names include Olivia (#1), Amelia (#2), Charlotte (#3), Ava (#4), Sophia (#5), Emma (#6) and Harper (#8).

Kentucky, West Virginia’s other western neighbor, also shared some top baby name predictions with the Mountain State and Ohio.

The boy names include Liam (#1), Oliver (#2), Elijah (#3), William (#4), Noah (#6) and Waylon (#9).

Kentucky shared almost all top girl names with West Virginia except one. Those shared girl names were Amelia (#1), Harper (#2), Ava (#3), Olivia (#4), Emma (#5), Charolette (#6), Sophia (#7), Paisley (#9) and Everleigh (#10).

The SSA listed the top 30 names most unique to West Virginia. According to the SSA, names unique to West Virginia are based on population and must have 1,000 births in the state since 1880.

The top 10 out of 30 names most unique to West Virginia are listed below.

Top 10 Names Unique to WV

1) Denver1) Drema
2) Junior2) Wilda
3) Jackie3) Glenna
4) Delbert4) Freda
5) Teddy5) Goldie
6) Woodrow6) Deloris
7) Homer7) Opal
8) Dewey8) Patty
9) Franklin9) Beulah
10) Virgil10) Wilma
(Data courtesy of the Social Security Administration)

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