CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — TSA officials met on Thursday at West Virginia International Yager Airport to give travelers the do’s and don’ts for this upcoming traveling season.

According to TSA officials since the pandemic, airports have experienced high volume of travelers, and they expect this Spring and Summer to be no different. With more people flying, travelers can expect to have longer wait times, but there are a few things you can do to avoid delays officials say.

“If you do find yourself in one of our long lines, try to take everything out of your pockets and put it in your bags, such as loose change, keys, and your cell phone,” said Scotty Blackwell, Lead Transportation Officer.

According to TSA, you can download the free my TSA app on your cell phone to learn more about what items you can bring, estimated wait times at checkpoints, and flight delays.

TSA officer, Carolyn Vallandingham, recommends that if you are traveling with a firearm, do not take it through the security checkpoint. “If you want to travel with your gun, you need to go the proper way–go to your airline counter, make sure it’s unloaded, inside a hard locked case, declare it at your airline counter for the gun case to be transported in the belly of the plane,” said Vallandingham.

A few other tips TSA officials gave include not bringing a bottle of water to a security checkpoint, wearing comfortable shoes that are easily removed, and never joking about having an explosive or bomb with you.