CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Members of the United Steelworkers and their allies met in front of the West Virginia State Capitol, Tuesday morning, to urge Governor Justice and legislative leaders to take action in order to save steelworkers jobs.

The Morgantown facility is set to close July 31st and the union workers are trying to stop that.

“We’re here at the heartbeat of our state. You know, a state that seems like it’s dying. We want to change that. We don’t want it dying. You know this is home to a lot of us. We grew up here, we were raised here. So we want everybody to understand… hey, we are going to fight” says Jonathan Wilson, United Steelworker from District 8.

And if the facility shuts down 1,500 West Virginian workers and their families will be left without pay in a town that holds 30,153 residents.

The steelworkers asked the governor to form a task force to explore how to prevent one of the last manufacturers of generic prescription medicine in the United States from closing the Morgantown Facility.

With the aid of a task force, it will reach the federal administration and President Biden… where help can be administered through federal grants.