CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) On Tuesday 46-year old Reta Mays plead guilty to seven counts of second-degree murder, and one count of attempted murder.

Mays was a nursing assistant at the Clarksburg VA Hospital. Now several wrongful death lawsuits and a congressional investigation will aim to find out why she was ever hired in the first place.

“The investigation is not over. We need to find out how someone who was unqualified was able to be in a room with our veterans, strictly unsupervised, to be able to do such a horrifying act. She falsified her resume, we do know that,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-WV

In court on Tuesday, Reta Mays admitted to the judge she had no medical licenses, degrees, or certifications. She has yet to explain why she deliberately injected the veterans with fatal doses of insulin, even though most were not diabetic.

A lawyer for many of the families says it took the VA over a year to launch an investigation.

“In these cases, there should have been bells and whistles going off when you had a non-diabetic end up with a blood-sugar of 12 or 17. That is not natural and there is only one explanation for that. But this hospital undertook no investigation to determine how in the world somebody would have gotten a blood sugar that low,” said Tony O’Dell, an attorney for several VA victims.

Mays was not charged in a number of other suspicious deaths as the victims were cremated, and that destroyed key evidence.

“There are three pending federal civil lawsuits against the VA claiming negligence and wrongful death, and a fourth lawsuit will be filed soon. So far no trial dates have been set,” said Mark Curtis, 13 News Chief Political Reporter.